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  1. Christen Tenort says:

    You should look into having your page certified or “official” (that blue mark by your page name). CT told me that there is a girl in Memphis who also uses the name Alesha no keys. I never tried to look her up so I don’t know what she posts but she had thousands of followers (less than you of course) but I’d definitely get my page locked in.

  2. I’m dealing with this right now!

  3. Hi, I’m dealing with this too. Ugh! I’ve sent every dingdang form, all that other stuff… They say I violated TOS, and I’ve absolutely never.

    Funny how I report spam and bots and porn and theft and they always say those accounts were doing nothing wrong.

    Thanks for these tips, and thanks Alisha for sending this page to me.

    1. OMG! So many people have been going through this. Have you had any luck with getting your account back?

      1. Missed this! LOL so yes thank God! This nice guy on Twitter taught me what to do. It was a certain form or something? Same thing happened to him. I was sooooo thankful. I was gone for a month, I think!

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